What Eyeshadow Colors to Wear With Eye Colors - Girl Loves Glam


Find what eyeshadow colors are best to wear with different eye colors with this easy to read infographic and tips to finding your best colors!


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    I like the colours but more broader colours (hazel, blue and yellow mixed, ect) could really help girls like me with the unusual eye colours

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    Why is not gray seen as the unique eye colour it is? I want my gray eyes to look gray, not blue or green.

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    This really helped me find the right color for me! #Color #Beauty #Makeup #Eye #Eyeshadow #EyeMakeup

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    Oh umm... What if I have heterocromia, and have one eye green and the other one brown?

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    Hey [USERNAME], how are you doing? we are really in love with your Pin☺️!

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    I like to be creative with different makeup looks!

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    I have dark blue eyes, pale-ish skin and dark brown hair, suggestions??

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