1. Posted by Al_Sal1h, — Reply

    Astaghfirulloh. Do you think you did “good job”. With this post of yours you mean ‘you talk with Allah via device’...

  2. Posted by ihssenhamama, — Reply

    its not like he's saying that allah is texting its jst that allah will always love u even tho no one does

  3. Posted by amuasbillah, — Reply

    Yang kesini karena tiktokGuys id video tiktok nya apa tadi gk ke like

  4. Posted by shahad7io9, — Reply

    الله يراسلك يعني؟!!!!!! مايجوز!! الله ما ينزل بمقامك! كأنك تساوين الله معك او مع الناس!!!

  5. Posted by Jessicaaamel, — Reply

    Untung nemu:)) capek muter" gmn ngunduhnya

  6. Posted by sayyidahmaria, — Reply

    Fotonya viral di tiktok wkwk

  7. Posted by ixxraixxi, — Reply

    You can't say this !!!!!!! human ??????????????????

  8. Posted by michelleadhvanya, — Reply

    Nyesek men

  9. Posted by shahad7io9, — Reply

    استغفرالله اذا ظلمتك واعتذر

  10. Posted by auliadienerly, — Reply


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