Today's 19 Most Hilarious Memes


7 REALLY funny memes embedded within a list of 19 so-so funny memes


  1. Posted by rachelsims3, — Reply

    Every time someone said that to me, I started shouting. Since the reason they couldn't hear was because they couldn't shut up for 5 minutes for me to do my presentation, that was the only logical thing for me to do.

  2. Posted by gunsokerousakura, — Reply

    Are you pointing the gun to tell them to shut up Or are they pointing the gun to make you louder?

  3. Posted by Clonetrooper6116Kix, — Reply

    Just swear at them in mandoa, say sooram shab

  4. Posted by canasa06, — Reply

    I could totally see that in this kid ik in class

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