How far we have come


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  1. Posted by mack0717enzie, — Reply

    I remember when 2012 memes were peak humor, the word “memes” was a new term that few people really understood, and now everyone knows what they are and we look back at the original ones and wonder why they were funny

  2. Posted by French_Pigeon, — Reply

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  3. Posted by LOCKWOODSTUDIOSS, — Reply

    Memes in 2019 are way better

  4. Posted by aaliyahkbh3106, — Reply

    Does anyone else just like laugh at memes even if they aren’t funny you just lost your good sense of humor

  5. Posted by Helicopterstanley, — Reply

    Oh how we’ve evolved

  6. Posted by angels_apathy, — Reply

    i'm whEEzInG

  7. Posted by saha2006, — Reply

    and which one made you exhale out of your nose, the second obvioulsy

  8. Posted by MyMy11037, — Reply

    I actually laughed at the 2019 one wtf has my humor become help

  9. Posted by SheDoesntCare, — Reply

    Imagine 2025

  10. Posted by princeredlovescupid35, — Reply

    Legit why would you have a pet rock and then it runs away like wat?

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