French chicken rissoles


Here’s an easy meal the whole family will enjoy that’s packed with flavour and so easy to make. You’ll have these chicken rissoles on the table less than half an hour after walking in the door.


  1. Posted by freewayclc, — Reply

    This recipe is FABULOUS! My family are not fond of rissoles but they demolished the whole lot and wanted more! Maybe Barbara was too heavy handed with the French onion powder! I highly recommend

  2. Posted by barbaradalziel, — Reply

    Sorry but we found the French onion soup flavor to be overwhelming. We won’t be making this again🙁

  3. Posted by craignunn2, — Reply

    I found this a very bland dish , wasn’t horrible just lacked flavour for me

  4. Posted by mickeyelle23, — Reply

    These were delicious 😋 Will definitely make again 😋

  5. Posted by carolinwilkinso, — Reply

    We enjoyed them especially the grandchildren

  6. Posted by timkimjones, — Reply

    Found these really bland

  7. Posted by derekleigh95, — Reply

    Chicken rissoles

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  10. Posted by fduglyangel, — Reply

    The sauce was lovely but the texture of the rissoles didn’t work for us.

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