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Finding the best shades of paint and home decor for a farmhouse look. The easiest and simplest way to change your home decor is to change your paint colors. So if you're looking for a farmhouse style home, I've gathered my favorite paint colors that will enable you to transform your space.


  1. Posted by picklesmom196, — Reply

    I have repose gray, agreeable gray, sea salt and alabaster in my home. The colors are beautiful. Definitely recommend. Especially sea salt and repose gray.

  2. Posted by bmbsqd, — Reply

    I to have repose gray and sea salt in my home love the colors and very easy to do decor with

  3. Posted by kailey_leal15, — Reply

    Agreeable Gray/Alabaster

  4. Posted by crazybeautifulkull, — Reply

    Mild blue - Jameson’s Room

  5. Posted by anwells12, — Reply

    Farm house decor ideas

  6. Posted by liddyparrish, — Reply

    Farmhouse paint colors

  7. Posted by newloomlady, — Reply

    Nope, I want color

  8. Posted by HelenK919, — Reply

    Passion a grey paint be Sherwin Williams

  9. Posted by bluelady9299, — Reply

    Farmhouse decor

  10. Posted by nancybateman, — Reply

    Painting tips

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