Crispy Crockpot Orange Chicken


Every night can be takeout night with this delicious orange chicken recipe. And even better, this is a crockpot version of orange chicken, so you can set it and forget it for maximum ease and delicious flavor.


  1. Posted by hoonkie, — Reply

    I followed this recipe exactly and it was more like shredded watery orange chicken. NOT crispy at all...disappointed and won’t make again.

  2. Posted by brebre80, — Reply

    My family didn't like this at all and the cooking time was way too long, my chicken was extremely dry and some even burnt. I'll be unpinning this one.

  3. Posted by xxbreexx, — Reply

    Dont recommend! Been a couple years since I've had to make a sandwhich for dinner for me and my husband after a recipe didnt turn out

  4. Posted by janetlea1028, — Reply

    I really liked this recipe. I used the suggestion to coat the chicken in corn starch, salt, and pepper first, using sesame oil to fry it in. I also doubled this recipe. The sauce was just right... Not too thick, not too thin. I think the coating it in corn starch made the difference.

  5. Posted by 216rkh, — Reply

    Next time I will read comments before attempting a new recipe. Watery! Disappointed I will unpin also!!

  6. Posted by lukevarien, — Reply

    Same, just watery orange chicken. Bad recipe.

  7. Posted by scs1202, — Reply

    That was a disaster. The kids liked it though so there’s that🤷‍♀️

  8. Posted by drz400oldman, — Reply

    How is this even remotely crispy?

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