best friends goals



  1. Posted by alyiavasquez11, — Reply

    it says tag your 4 friends but that’s implying that you’re not included as one of the four. all time low when you’re sending your friends things to do without you

  2. Posted by aeolanl, — Reply

    What's on their heads? Jus curious cuz I want to try lol. They look like shirts but I feel like u would be able to see through if it were shirts. Idk let me kno please

  3. Posted by Moony1408, — Reply

    heyyy!!! I know these are annoying but I’ve been working very hard on my account and I decided to make a contest board where you can all add your summer 2020 ideas!! on june 30th i will pick 3 winners that will get a shoutout in my bio!!! btw: follow for follow

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    @duncanfamilyshared @sofiasotobashi @fangirling0292 (me because I wanna be included!!!) I can’t tag the others because they don’t have accounts.

  5. Posted by Random_Cute_Stuff, — Reply

    My bsf doesnt talk much and all she usually says is “ok” which is sooo annoying but she is always here for me and rlly nice like this comment if you think shes a true friend but reply if u think something else bc i need help 🥺🥺

  6. Posted by savannamae233, — Reply

    Bold of u to assume I have 4 friends

  7. Posted by drewjjivy, — Reply

    Emma Beede Choyle Jaquira U all know we need to do this!😗

  8. Posted by girl_almighty04, — Reply

    Atika!! The other two haven't got an account. Can't tag them. 😛😂

  9. Posted by NY_A_Kk, — Reply

    😂 why is this so funny like when the girl fell I died

  10. Posted by idontlikecoronavirus, — Reply


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