nice pen for a house rabbit if one cannot free roam it | Bunny cages, Pig house, Indoor rabbit



  1. Posted by abigaello, — Reply

    This is huge af and still people be hating... clearly whoever spend the amount of time and money in such pen is taking good care of their bun.

  2. Posted by ingridraines, — Reply

    As has been asked, is there a source to buy this from??? Like the clean look and not so traditional/standard cottage type thing. Prefer something that blends somewhat with house style....

  3. Posted by tgiraud1, — Reply

    Nice cage, but they need to run. Don’t get one if you cannot give them what they need. Stop supporting the idea that they are ok spending their entire lives pinned up like that. It’s not ok.

  4. Posted by lulabellahandmade, — Reply

    If your not free roaming then it has to be in some type of housing for some of the day. I'm getting one and not free roaming but letting it out to roam under supervision.

  5. Posted by navybaby142008, — Reply

    I don’t see anything wrong besides the cage. I know u said u can’t free roam. And I get it free roam is hard but!!! If u can’t free roam I don’t recommend getting a bunny. I really recommend free roam. #nomorecages

  6. Posted by Raccoon_dude, — Reply

    “ DoNt GeT OnE If YoU CaNt CaRe FoR It “ bruh this rabbit has the biggest cage I’ve ever seen you can literally walk in there and chill out with your rabbit don’t judge her or him and tell them how to take care of a rabbit unless their clearly abusing it which their obviously not who knows maybe they let the rabbit run around the house and give the rabbit a happy healthy life style

  7. Posted by ToriHz, — Reply

    You can follow my bunny account on insta for similar content and my cute baby bunnies! @floppylopadventures 💕

  8. Posted by jaaaayteeee, — Reply

    This is a really nice hutch 👌 the only thing you need - is a Partner for your bun 🐰💕🐰

  9. Posted by maoc332, — Reply

    I really want this pen for my bunny. Could you please tell me where you found this

  10. Posted by ishitadewan78, — Reply

    The house made from wood, metal, iron. Pls tell me any one

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