27 Pics And Memes For The Exquisite Minds


Start Your Monday right with a fresh batch of pics and memes.


  1. Posted by asmisebastian, — Reply

    No guys..This is actually something that expert poker players like Phil Laak, 2013 champ Chris Moneymaker& 2017 champ Qui Nguyen have done..Try googling it...

  2. Posted by cheyan22, — Reply

    How about when she posted, "Studying for Law School," on Insta and you can see she was posing with a blank book. 😂

  3. Posted by jerryluxis, — Reply

    Ok since you all are the wisest beings in the universe you know you don’t have to hold your deck horizontal..

  4. Posted by pitichoupinou, — Reply

    Hum buddy, poker’s pro players also play with mirrored sunglasses sometimes ...

  5. Posted by simrahsyed0138, — Reply

    im stilll the dumbest person in the unvierse., i had to read the comments to actually figure out the thing

  6. Posted by artgirl430, — Reply

    I swear man this girl, she has to think things through sometimes 😬

  7. Posted by Pissnap, — Reply

    Wow soo smart Not like she actually is losing money she can't replace

  8. Posted by mjamilah23, — Reply

    No! just remember the time when she nearly went inside the cab and forgot North

  9. Posted by DestroyallIncels2020, — Reply

    She has never been bright. Always trash. 🗑

  10. Posted by chelsea_drye, — Reply

    Like she’s loosing money that isn’t replaceable...

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